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At Lifepath Medspa, we offer complimentary consultations and skin treatments which include a complete skin analysis, FotoFinder UV Scan, and a customized treatment plan including a suggested skin care regime.

All prices below are subject to GST and can change without notice.

Injectable Cosmetics

BOTOX® Cosmetic $ 10/unit

One of our Skin Treatments we offer is BOTOX® Cosmetic which is a natural purified protein that relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles, to create a smooth and improved appearance. This minimally invasive treatment delivers dramatic results with no downtime.

Dermal Fillers
(Hyaluronic Acid)

Filler by Assessment $550- $750
Mini Lip Filler $ 379

Injectable dermal fillers are used to treat signs of aging, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and folds, increase volume, shape, and contour facial features, hydrate and moisturize, and create balance and symmetry.

Acne Photo Dynamic Treatment

4 treatments weekly

weekly treatments recommended

$ 299

This acne treatment utilizes light therapy to target the small glands in the skin that produce oil in order to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Vascular Facial
& Leg Vein Treatment

Nose $79
Cheek & Nose $149
Cheek, Nose& Chin $199
Legs $99 & up

1-3 treatments recommended

This acne treatment utilizes light therapy to target the small glands in the skin that produce oil in order to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Pigmented Lesions & Vascular Lesions

1-10 lesions $99 / treatment
11-20+ lesions $ 149 & up / treatment

1-3 treatments recommended

A Complimentary consultation is required for skin tag removal, sun spots, angioma, milia and benign lesions.

Zo Ossential Stimulator Peel

60 min | $129

Known as the ‘Red Carpet Peel’, this treatment will miraculously smooth away fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, acne, age spots, uneven pigmentation and rough skin texture. The best part is that there is no downtime, no peeling and no redness afterwards – just glowing, healthy skin!

AFA Gel Peel

Per treatment | $59

Used for a variety of skin care conditions, this peel addresses concerns such as aging skin, sun damage, uneven texture, irregular pigment and skin rejuvenation. It exfoliates dead skin cells and gently removes excess oil and other impurities from the skin.

AFA Clay Peel

Per treatment | $59

This unique two-step treatment contains a rare earthy clay masque that draws impurities from the skin.

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion

Per treatment | $129

This one-of-a-kind gentle skin rejuvenation procedure combines the benefits of traditional microdermabrasion with the delivery of condition-specific solutions to your skin throughout the procedure.

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